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I teach marketers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals like you how to improve their marketing strategy, product marketing, and branding to increase profitability using a variety of content, courses and tools to get the job done.


Hi, I'm Jason Coe.
Brand Strategy and Product Marketing Expert.

Over $300 million of incremental profit was generated using the same core marketing strategies I've taught online.

Whether you are just starting off in your marketing career or looking to quickly level up, investing in your future today could mean you could...

  • Get increased support from business partners, executive leadership or departments.
  • Clearly align your marketing, sales and business goals
  • Target the right customers and increase sales
  • Define your brand story, differentiation and message
  • Provide clarity to marketing, channel, and sales teams to work more closely together
  • Or launch your next innovative product
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"If creating emotional connections with customers is your objective, then Jason is your guy to get it done. He helped launch a new category for HP, where marketing experience and a growth mindset were needed most."

Melissa Grace
Marketing @ HP

"Jason would be an incredible asset for any Company looking to Bring great Technology to life in Campaigns that speak to a Broader Consumer target. A genuine combination of knowledge, talent and passion that is always a pleasure to work with."

Alan Hunter
CEO/CCO @ Petrol Advertising

"Jason understands the need to balance both creativity and the key messages and elements that would make a campaign successful in the different regions."

Shirley Koh
Channel Marketing @ WD

"Jason's tenacity, dedication, and commitment to delivering successful campaigns that exceed expectations truly sets him apart from his peers."

Dan Jaugey
Business Development @ Petrol Advertising

"His follow-up was consistent and the solutions he produced always were well received by the clients. I would recommend Jason for any role that dealt with customers in a highly fluid environment with many varying degrees of complexity."

Jason Carriere
Sales @ CBS Interactive

"Jason’s ability to understand complex customer needs, the rapidly changing market and the competitive landscape in crafting strategic solutions was very impressive to me."

Doron Gura
Exec. Director @ R/GA

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