Hi, I'm Jason Coe.

Brand Strategy and Product Marketing Expert.

Over $300 million of incremental profit was generated using the same core marketing strategies I’ve taught online.

Whether you are just starting off in your marketing career or looking to quickly level up, investing in your future today could mean you could…

  • Get increased support from business partners, executive leadership or departments.
  • Clearly align your marketing, sales and business goals
  • Target the right customers and increase sales
  • Define your brand story, differentiation and message
  • Provide clarity to marketing, channel, and sales teams to work more closely together
  • Or launch your next innovative product

I take a different approach than most "Experts" out there

I show you how to identify and focus on the big wins within your marketing mix that are possibly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or potentially millions depending on your business.

I personally prohibit anyone looking for marketing hacks or shortcuts from joining, as it means they are not serious about increasing their core knowledge or skillsets and evolve their current marketing.

I try to provide as much value as possible to my audience including giving away content and insights for free. My goal is to make all of the material better than anyone else in product and brand marketing.

I have empathy for you with the amount of choices available online.

Which means I have to earn your trust even more with every piece of content. If you would like to learn more about my journey, please read below. 

My Journey

From A Garage To Huge Profits

My name’s Jason Coe and I’m a brand strategy and product marketing expert. I was raised in San Diego, CA in a family with relatively humble beginnings.

Growing up, I challenged myself constantly and identified early on that I had a natural talent for marketing and sales. I launched my own web design company at the age of 18 (which failed a year later) and became involved in numerous small start ups including creating one of the automotive industries’ first, how-to television shows to exist exclusively on the web and YouTube to over 100M users.

Jason Coe Early Years

I am blessed to have worked with some of the world’s greatest talent in both start up based and Fortune 500 companies throughout my 20’s and early 30’s. Along that journey I helped create award-winning campaigns which generated yearly profits of more than $300 million and 17 million customer app engagements.

Then, I left my corporate career path to pursue marketing consulting full time and worked with a small agency located in Southern California. Unfortunately it didn’t work out and less than a year later, I hit rock bottom. My partners in the business didn’t want to scale further, so I reset myself, cashed out, and set out to pursue my true dreams of making an individual impact and helping other people.

Jason Coe Early Years

I knew how to get results for small and large businesses and achieved many victories along the way, but the fulfillment of helping others achieve their own victories is so much more inspiring.

That is why I have made it my mission to empower others and help prepare people for their own marketing success.

This is about enabling you with the strategies and tools you need to actually scale your business, connect with your customers, and generate more sales. But more importantly, do it together with a resource you can trust.

Generated Amazing Results


Incremental yearly profit generated by successful marketing campaigns across e-commerce, social media and retail.


Shattered company records with over 1.5M units sold within the first year and nearly 80% engagement rate in mobile app.


Experience in omni-channel marketing (online & offline), increasing content views by 274% and sales of $10M.

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2018 Disney Digital Network and HP Sprocket Win Bronze@ Shorty Awards, Apr 2018
  • 2017 American Advertising Awards, Bronze award for Internet Commercial category, Mar 2017
  • 2015 IAC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising, Jan 2015
  • 2015 Telly Award for Branded Content and Entertainment – Business-to-Consumer content – “How Kevin Lynch Turned UFC Fighting into Art”
  • 2015 Telly Award for Branded Content and Entertainment – Business-to-Consumer content – “What drives Kevin Lynch”
  • 2015 Telly Award for Branded Content and Entertainment – Business-to-Consumer content – “Connecting People Through Mustaches”
  • 2015 Telly Award for Institutional/Corporate Image – Online Commercial – “About WD Ventito”
  • 2015 Telly Award for Online Webisodes, Segments, Promotional Pieces – “A Photography Lighting Technique Created by a Pro”
  • 2014 W3 Silver Award – WD Ventito – Website Features – Visual Appeal
  • 2014 W3 Silver Award – WD Ventito – Branded Content – Branded Content: Business to Consumer
  • 2014 W3 Silver Award – WD Ventito – Rich Media – Computer / IT : Hardware
  • 2014 W3 Silver Award – WD Ventito – Rich Media – Consumer Electronics
  • 2014 Sales and Marketing Award Western Digital

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